Simple foods can prevent stomach ailments in extreme heat, say medical experts

Clinical specialists have said that there is a danger of spreading maladies in the searing warmth, stomach infirmities are normal, dodge poultry nourishments and increment the utilization of natural products, vegetables, water and soda pops can forestall sicknesses. 

Dr. Omar Sultan, Consultant Physician at Jinnah Hospital, says that in sweltering climate, stomach illnesses including the runs, spewing, stomach hurt, stomach torment, hand influenced individuals go to the clinic in huge numbers, youth and youngsters, wastes, samosas, They are more inclined to burgers and oily nourishments, which makes them more helpless to these sicknesses. 

He said that organic products, vegetables, cold beverages and water ought to be devoured however much as could reasonably be expected by dodging oily food and drinks in the burning warmth. During the burning warmth in 2015, many residents succumbed to heatstroke. There are fears of extraordinary warmth in Ramadan this year too. There is a danger of warmth stroke in outrageous warmth in which the influenced individual beginnings perspiring bountifully and discombobulated. 

Dr. Omar Sultan said that so as to evade outrageous warmth, residents ought not go out in the sweltering sun superfluously from 11 am to 5 pm, if fundamental, spread their heads and savor ORS plain water if the patient's internal heat level ascents If along these lines, take it to an obscure spot right away. 

He said that more alert is needed in eating and drinking during extraordinary warmth, including that utilization of poultry and chit-patty nourishments ought to be decreased as they can cause stomach sharpness. Eating a lot of meat in extraordinary warmth can agitate the stomach. Abstain from eating unsatisfactory food things sold at slows down. 

Dr. Noman Nasir, Otolaryngologist at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, says that with the difference in climate, the infections of the throat, nose and ears increment, sore throat, cold and influenza, which has prompted the utilization of light food to remain safe. Go out in the searing warmth with a hanky on your head.